Compost tea brewer bubbles

Adding oxygen to compost tea dramatically increases the number of beneficial microbes.

In Harmony uses compost tea to build soil and plant health as part of our natural tree and shrub care service. We offer soil soaks with compost tea in spring and fall.

For as long as people have recognized the benefit of using compost, people have made compost tea. Traditionally, compost tea has been produced by putting finished compost into a barrel with water. It sits for many days until the liquid turns a dark brown. The finished product is then poured on and around the garden plants, adding valuable humic acid.

Over the past several years, some researchers have found that aerating the compost tea while it is brewing increases its benefits to plants and soil. Adding air dramatically increases the number of beneficial microbes present in the tea. Billions of microbes can grow within hours. In Harmony uses state-of-the-art machines to produce our compost tea.

When these microbes are applied to soils, their benefits are many. They improve plant growth and vigor by helping it take in nutrients and store food. Healthy plants are better able to resist diseases. They help break down compacted soils, allowing more air and root spaces for plants.

In Harmony's compost tea brewers

In Harmony uses state-of-the-art compost tea brewers.

Some research has shown compost tea to be effective at suppressing plant diseases such as Phytophthora, Pithium and Fusarium. Compost tea microbes can suppress diseases by increasing resistance to pathogens, antagonizing and competing with pathogens on leaf surfaces, and inhibiting pathogen spores.

If you would like to see the benefits of compost tea in your landscape, contact us for an appointment.

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