In Harmony, 5 Myths of Sustainability

Yes, you can garden sustainably, even with limited money and time. You can start small, and you have a range of choices. A sustainable approach will lead to a lush, vigorous landscape that is healthier for kids, pets, birds and local streams.

Homeowners and gardeners have heard the term “sustainable gardening” for decades. A Google search leads to 18,700,000 results. But there are many myths, or misconceptions, about how sustainability applies to gardening.

Here are five common myths. Visit the In Harmony website to find the facts that debunk the myths.

Myth 1: One person can’t make a difference
Myth 2: Sustainable gardening is an all or nothing proposition
Myth 3: Gardening sustainably is too expensive
Myth 4: Sustainable gardens are not my style
Myth 5: Gardening sustainably means I can’t have a lawn

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Have you adopted sustainable approaches in your landscape? What steps have you taken? What results have you seen? What questions do you have?

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