Maidenhair Fern

Maidenhair Fern

In our recent client survey, many of you asked for plant recommendations. We’ll share plant ideas with you from time to time. Here is a start.

Ferns are a great choice for the shade garden. Many ferns are native to Washington state. The Washington Native Plant Society recommends five native ferns for the home garden.

  • Maidenhair fern
  • Lady fern
  • Deer fern
  • Oak fern
  • Sword fern
Deer Fern

Deer Fern

Ferns are easy to grow and are not attractive to most pests. They will grow where many other plants won’t thrive. Ferns prefer soil with lots of organic matter. Some ferns are drought-tolerant, while others need regular water. Water all newly planted plants regularly until they get established.

Here is the Washington Native Plant Society’s complete list of native ferns.

The Great Plant Picks website has a list of 27 recommended native and non-native ferns, along with information about how to grow them and plants that would look good in combination. The photos in this post are from Great Plant Picks.

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