Ladd Smith and Ciscoe Morris

Ladd Smith and Ciscoe Morris had a rollicking time talking about the five myths of sustainable gardening on Ciscoe’s KIRO radio show. Share the fun with the podcast.

Here are a couple of highlights:

Myth #1: One person can’t make a difference.

Fact: One person can make a big difference by taking simple steps, like spraying aphids off with your hose end nozzle rather than spraying a toxic pesticide. Reducing pesticide use helps to keep kids and pets safe, and pesticides won’t run off into local streams and harm fish and water quality.

Myth #3: Gardening sustainably is too expensive.

Fact: If you keep your plants healthy using natural methods, your plants will be less susceptible to insects and diseases. You will save time and money on pest and disease control. And your plants will thrive, making your landscape more beautiful.

You can catch the full broadcast here.

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