In Harmony Sustainable Landscapes is very happy to donate our time and services to the Fisher House, located at the Veterans Hospital in Seattle. This is a special place for families of veterans to stay close to their loved ones while they are hospitalized.

We believe strongly in helping our community, and we can never do enough for our military veterans. They committed a period of their lives to ensure that America will continue to be free.

Many of us know a friend or relative who has served in the military, perhaps in hostile situations. Sometimes the ones who come home are wounded inside and out. And we should all do whatever we can to help our veterans adjust to civilian life.

Since 2008 veteran and active duty military families have found a “home away from home” in the VA Puget Sound Fisher House. They come from all over the world, with different backgrounds, different needs but united in their love and concern for a hospitalized patient. In this beautiful home they find peace and respite for themselves. Staff and volunteers offer care and support.

In Harmony donates natural tree and shrub sprays to the Fisher House landscape. Four times a year we apply treatments such as compost teat, kelp, micronutrients and, if needed, insect or disease control. It is our way to contribute to this healing place.

Donations from a generous community meet the material needs of families staying at Fisher House and ease the financial stress of being away from home. Please visit theĀ Fisher House website and, if possible, help out in any way that you can.

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