Seattle Waterfront

This property presented a substantial landscaping challenge: a modern house with an outdated landscape.

Design goals for the project included:

  • Creating flow and continuity as well as strong focal points throughout the landscape
  • Establishing a water element without compromising the view
  • Easy access from the deck to the lower landscape
  • Providing year-round entertaining spaces and plant interest

Design elements included contemporary fences and screens, composite decking, contemporary water elements and gas fire place, welded iron planters to contain bamboo, drip irrigation and low voltage lighting.

Sustainable garden features include:

  • Drip irrigation
  • Edible plantings throughout the landscape
  • Recycled top dressings, soils and fertilizers in all planting beds
  • Recycled and crushed concrete in sub-grades under hardscapes
  • All patios and entryway areas were sand set, ensuring that water drains through the surface to help recharge the aquifer instead of creating runoff that could contaminate critical spawning areas.
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