Spraying foliage

We are currently applying sea kelp to help our clients’ trees and shrubs flourish.

We love sea kelp. Sea kelp has been found to improve growth and color of plants and to enhance flowering in some species of plants.

Sea kelp benefits plants because it:

  • Contains trace elements that are deficient in most garden soils\
  • Supplies potassium, an essential plant nutrient
  • Contains an exceptional concentration of plant growth regulators

Plant growth regulators are hormones. They influence all aspects of plant growth, including seed germination, cell division and cell growth.

In many landscapes, plants struggle because of stressful growing conditions. Plant growth regulators help plants thrive.

Sea kelp is our best concentrated source of the plant growth regulators known as cytokinins. Cytokinins stimulate cell division and elongation, which play a number of crucial roles in promoting plant health, including:

  • Healthier leaves
  • Stronger, more extensive root systems
  • Quicker repair of plant wounds, limiting the entry of pests and diseases
  • Slower plant aging

Sea kelp can be applied as a foliar spray or as a soil soak. Either way, your plants will love it.

We are applying sea kelp to our clients’ landscapes now. It is part of our natural tree and shrub care program to help landscapes flourish.

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