Why Organic

In Harmony’s sustainable approach uses organic methods to build soil and plant health.

“Everyone we’ve worked with has been friendly, honest and trustworthy. We also really appreciated your willingness to make changes so as to fit within our budget. Your designer was wonderful to work with from start to finish. He made us feel like we were his 'priority project' even though he had a million other things going.”

Jean & Jeff L., Woodinville

Great local business that cares about the environment and about the community. Great landscapes, great services, great people!

Jim S., Everett

I wanted to say a personal thank you to you and the team for all the great work! We couldn’t be more happy with the transformation of the back yard space!  It has been a pleasure working with you, your designers and the crew.

Aimee V., Seattle

"These guys are simply great. Tom, my regular tech, is always great about answering questions and making suggestions of things that we could do to make the lawn look better. I like that they are willing to give you the option of doing some things yourself (like top coating with compost in the fall.). They always call 2-3 days before they come out to give you a heads up, which is really nice to know. I've called back and asked them to change days because of our plans and they have always been cooperative. Completely eco-friendly and pet friendly (my tech knows my dog by name). Great people, great service and our lawn looks awesome. They offer a Microsoft Prime discount too!"

Alicia M-L., Everett

An organic-based approach is a return to working with nature instead of against it. Many landscaping and gardening techniques are based on pesticide use. People use pesticides to fight a war against garden diseases and problem insects.

This approach harms the environment while losing the war.

  • Diseases and insects develop resistance to pesticides.
  • Farmers are using more pesticides, but crop loss due to insects continues to grow.
  • Pesticides may also harm children, streams and fish.

Organic gardeners and farmers work in alliance with nature instead of against it. Healthy soil is the foundation. Good soil is rich in organic matter and microbes that promote strong plant growth.

In Harmony’s approach is based in organic methods. Our focus is:

  • Building healthy soil with compost, compost tea, minerals and similar products.
  • Boosting the strength and vitality of our gardens to create healthier, more disease-resistant plants, trees and grasses.


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