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A Sustainable Landscape Company

In Harmony is a sustainable landscape company serving the Seattle and Puget Sound area since 1994.

Our goal is to create and maintain landscapes that are healthy for people, pets and the planet. In Harmony services include landscape design and installation, natural lawn, tree and shrub care, pruning and fertilization.

Our work includes educating customers about eco-friendly landscaping practices. Our 100% natural, all organic approach focuses on building healthy soil, which is vital for plant health.

Our website features landscaping ideas, customer showcases, educational videos and other media. You will see how our sustainable landscape practices can help you have a beautiful landscape that naturally performs well.

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Helping birds, bees and wildlife in your landscape

During this harsh winter weather, you may think about our wild friends. Birds, wildlife, native bees and other pollinators may have a hard time finding food, water and shelter. If you have a bird feeder, make sure it has plenty of food. In Harmony has always valued...
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Evergreen is keen: plant more evergreens in your landscape

Would you like your landscape to look great year-round and be easier to care for, while helping our local environment? Plant more evergreens. Evergreen plants, as their name suggests, stay green year round. Because their leaves or needles shade the soil, your garden...
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What does lime do for your lawn?

As our long-time clients know, our approach has always focused on building the health of the soil. If your lawn has weeds or is thin and patchy, improving soil health will help the lawn grow more thickly and crowd out weeds. It will also boost the lawn’s color....
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Sustainable Landscape Company, In Harmony Sustainable Landscapes

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In Harmony Sustainable Landscapes

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