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In Harmony is a sustainable landscape company serving the Seattle and Puget Sound area since 1994.

Our goal is to create and maintain landscapes that are healthy for people, pets and the planet. In Harmony services include landscape design and installation, natural lawn, tree and shrub care, pruning and fertilization.

Our work includes educating customers about eco-friendly landscaping practices. Our natural, organic approach focuses on building healthy soil, which is vital for plant health.

Our website features landscaping ideas, customer showcases, educational videos and other media. You will see how our sustainable landscape practices can help you have a beautiful landscape that naturally performs well.

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Managing root weevils on rhododendrons and other broadleaf evergreens

Have you seen notching along the edges of leaves on your rhododendrons, azaleas or other broadleaf evergreens? It is likely damage from root weevils. There are several kinds of root weevils. Three different types of root weevils chew on evergreen shrubs. In addition...
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Garden cleanup: what to do now

October is a great time to clean up your garden and landscape. You can take a number of steps now that will help make your plants healthier and your yard easier to care for next year. Garden cleanup 1: Leaves on your lawn  Leaves, especially wet leaves, can thin your...
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Video tips for fall lawn care

Fall is a great time to give your lawn extra care. Aeration and overseeding will help the lawn recover from the hot, dry summer. Fertilizing in fall will help your lawn to develop deep roots over the winter. That means less drought stress next year. Also, now is a...
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Sustainable Landscape Company, In Harmony Sustainable Landscapes

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In Harmony Sustainable Landscapes

Building a healthier planet one landscape at a time.

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