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A Sustainable Landscape Company

In Harmony is a sustainable landscape company serving the Seattle and Puget Sound area since 1994.

Our goal is to create and maintain landscapes that are healthy for people, pets and the planet. In Harmony services include landscape design and installation, natural lawn, tree and shrub care, pruning and fertilization.

Our work includes educating customers about eco-friendly landscaping practices. Our 100% natural, all organic approach focuses on building healthy soil, which is vital for plant health.

Our website features landscaping ideas, customer showcases, educational videos and other media. You will see how our sustainable landscape practices can help you have a beautiful landscape that naturally performs well.

In Harmony Sustainable Landscapes, 25th Year Anniversary

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It’s time to think about watering; check out our watering resources

Spring is a good time to think about how much water your plants will need this growing season and how you will provide it. Our watering resources will help you water properly to keep your plants healthy. Last year we had very little rain in May and June. Some plants...
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Celebrate Earth Day this month

Earth Day is Monday, April 22. It is a good reminder to all of us that our planet needs our help. The right time to take action to help our planet is today. Not tomorrow or next month or next year. Earth Day events  Many organizations sponsor events related to Earth...
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Moles and lawn damage: what to do

Are you seeing signs of moles in your lawn? Many people struggle with these small but destructive animals. Here are some tips on how to manage moles in your yard. Mole hills and tunnels  Moles tunnel beneath the soil looking for food. In the process, they may create...
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Sustainable Landscape Company, In Harmony Sustainable Landscapes

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In Harmony Sustainable Landscapes

Building a healthier planet one landscape at a time.

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