Landscape Design and Installation

In Harmony landscape design and installation services create sophisticated and functional landscapes that reflect our clients’ personality, needs and concern for the environment.

Our expert landscape design and installation team is highly experienced at creating elegant solutions for even the most complex landscaping challenges.

The result is inviting and inspiring outdoor spaces that places maximum enjoyment and meaningful experiences just outside your door.

With every landscape we create, our first step is creating healthy soil, which is one of the most important contributors to tree, plant and lawn health. Beginning with good soil helps to ensure that your new landscape thrives and is able to naturally defend itself against insects and disease.

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Elements of our landscape design and installation services include:

Right Plant, Right Place

Different plants require different conditions; some enjoy sunny spots while others prefer shade. In choosing plants, we look for varieties that are well-adapted to the Northwest climate as well as pest- and disease-resistant, and then place them in optimum locations for their needs.

Planting Styles

We like using a mix of natives, edible, wildlife/butterfly and other adaptable plants to create a beautiful garden that provides wonderful interest throughout the year.


Patios, walkways, boulders, retaining walls and wood structures (fences, arbors and trellises) serve as the “hard” elements that unite plantings into a strong overall design and provide structure and a sense of flow. Such elements serve to maximize the livability and appeal of your outdoor living spaces.


Whether accenting key landscape elements through spot and uplighting or providing functional illumination in spots where you will entertain in the evenings and for walkways, a great lighting design will add both elegance and a sense of security to the outside of your home.


Irrigation – Water conservation is a high priority in the design of our landscapes. We specialize in drip irrigation and water catchment systems to use this precious resource wisely.

Water Features

Whether fountains or ponds or a waterfall, water adds wonderful movement and natural sound to a garden, as well as helping to mask the sounds of traffic and neighbors.


In Harmony brings sustainable approaches to every aspect of your outdoor spaces, which means employing practices and products that honor our planet, its inhabitants and its natural resources. Examples include recycled or reclaimed materials, cardboard sheet mulching, sustainably harvested wood, cisterns and drip irrigation, drought tolerant plantings, and more.

In Harmony’s Approach to Landscape Design and Installation


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