Landscape Design Process

Our landscape designers are trained in the “arts” of landscape design, scale, proportion, style and color as well as the “sciences” of horticulture, soils, climate, materials, construction and installation.

These essential ingredients allow In Harmony’s landscape design process to bring out our client’s individual needs, and achieve inspiring results that beautifully and naturally reflect across every aspect of the landscape.

Our 11-step landscape design process enables our design and installation team to work with you in creating a stunning, custom landscape that meets your goals, is easily maintained, and consistently performs well year after year.

Learn more about our landscape process in our blog.

How our “11-step” landscape design process and installation works:

Step 1 – A sales representative meets with you to discuss your project goals, budget and timeline. They show you our portfolio and explain our philosophy, history and services.

Step 2 – At the initial design meeting, the designer interviews you about your landscape goals and maintenance objectives. You may want to share examples of landscapes you like in magazines and books. The designer walks your landscape with you to assess its opportunities or constraints.

Step 3 – The designer returns to the site to measure and photograph the existing landscape, views, buildings, plants and neighborhood context, then creates a base map of the site.

Step 4 – The designer creates one to three concept drawings, depending on project size. The drawing shows proposed major elements, such as a walkway or patio, along with existing site elements. The designer presents and explains these concepts to you.

Step 5 – You review and contemplate the drawing(s) to determine which character and features best fit your goals and needs.

Step 6 – The designer meets with you to finalize your concept decisions and discuss details and project phasing.

Step 7 – The designer produces the final landscape plan, including design details, construction materials and an itemized planting list.

Step 8 – The sales representative develops a cost estimate and proposal broken into segments so you can phase it over time if desired.

Step 9 – The sales representative presents the final design along with the installation proposal and contract. Once you have chosen to install, you contact the sales representative.

Step 10 – The install manager coordinates project dates with you. He manages all installation details to insure your satisfaction. The designer conducts site visits as needed to review progress and direct the crew on installation details.

Step 11 – When the project is completed, the sales representative walks through the landscape with you to review all elements and answer your questions about plant care, maintenance or system operations.

In Harmony’s Landscape Design Process


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