Mason bee

Mason bees are prolific early season pollinators. They are safe around kids and pets. Photo: Rent Mason Bees.

You’ve probably read about the alarming decline of bees. Bees face many threats, such as pesticides, loss of habitat and the spread of diseases. This is a big deal because bees are essential to most of the food we eat.

You can help in your own garden by bringing in mason bees or leafcutter bees. Just hang a bee house, and the bees will work for you all season, pollinating crops and flowers. You will enjoy more flowers and a larger harvest from your fruits and vegetables.

Don’t worry: these are small, shy, non-aggressive bees, safe to have around kids and pets. They are solitary bees, with no hive or queen, and they don’t produce honey. Their sole job in life is to pollinate.

Leafcutter bees are great pollinators for summer crops. They are shy and non-aggressive. Photo: Rent Mason Bees.

Leafcutter bees are great pollinators for summer crops. Photo: Rent Mason Bees.

You can buy bees and bee houses locally, or you can rent bees for the growing season. Renting is an easy way to get started with bees.

For early season pollination, such as for fruit trees, you will want to choose mason bees. For summer pollination, choose leafcutter bees. You can learn more about both bees from Crown Bees or Rent Mason Bees.

Now is the time to order mason bees for early pollination. Don’t wait: it’s a simple step to make your garden more productive. Bees don’t require pruning, weeding or watering. And you can feel good about helping to keep pollinators alive.


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