Compost tea helps your garden thrive. In Harmony Sustainable Landscapes

We can help your garden thrive with our compost tea.

Our compost tea brewers are up and running. Soon we will begin spraying compost tea on our clients’ landscapes as part of our natural tree and shrub care service. Our clients tell us that they have seen healthier plants, more flowers and less disease.

We have been using and brewing compost tea for well over a decade. Our state-of-the-art brewers aerate the tea and dramatically increase the number of beneficial microbes.

Compost tea adds these active beneficial microbes to soil. The microbes help plants take in nutrients and store food, improving plant growth and vigor.

Healthy plants are better able to resist diseases. Compost tea microbes can suppress diseases by increasing resistance to pathogens, antagonizing and competing with pathogens on leaf surfaces, and inhibiting pathogen spores.

We apply compost tea in spring and fall. If you would like to see the benefits of this product in your landscape, contact us for an appointment.

See more about how we brew and use compost tea in this video.

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