Join our Northwest Harvest food drive and help end hunger in Washington. In Harmony Sustainable Landscapes

Join our Northwest Harvest food drive and help the effort to end hunger in Washington.

Here at In Harmony, we believe that our health and wellbeing are directly connected to the earth. Part of wellness is having good, healthy food to eat.

That is why we have been doing a food drive for Northwest Harvest since 2004. Every fall we collect food from our great clients and deliver it to Northwest Harvest. Over the past 14 years we have collected more than 20 tons of food! We thank you for your generosity.

We support Northwest Harvest because it provides nutritious food to hungry people statewide and fights to eliminate hunger. The organization distributed nearly 32 million pounds of food last year.

If you are a service client, you will receive a call this fall to remind you to leave out non-perishable food for Northwest Harvest. Our technicians will pick it up on a service visit, and we will deliver everything to the warehouse.

We hope you will join us in supporting this important cause. If you are not a service client, consider donating food or dollars to this worthy cause.

About Northwest Harvest

Over 14 years we have collected more than 20 tons of food from our generous clients. In Harmony Sustainable Landscapes

Over 14 years we have collected more than 20 tons of food from our generous clients.

Northwest Harvest is the only nonprofit food bank distributor operating statewide in Washington. It has a network of 375 food banks, meal programs and high-need schools. Through this network they provide two million meals every month.

Northwest Harvest promotes healthy eating while reducing hunger. Two-thirds of the food they provide consists of highly nutritious fruits and vegetables. The organization distributed 24 million meals last year, serving people in need in every county in Washington.

Children and the elderly are most in need, making up over 50 percent of the people using the emergency food system. People who depend on donated food are not just the homeless. They are also the working poor, households headed by women, or families suffering crises such as a layoff, medical emergency or domestic abuse.

Northwest Harvest relies on donations. Every penny of their food and operating funds comes from individuals, businesses, foundations and other organizations. Ninety cents of every dollar donated  goes directly to food distribution.

Northwest Harvest is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.


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