Our natural lawn, tree and shrub care services build soil health for lush, resilient landscapes. In Harmony Sustainable Landscapes

Our natural lawn, tree and shrub care services build soil health for lush, resilient landscapes.

Our natural lawn, tree and shrub care services have always used organic products to build soil health. We choose a variety of products that feed soil microorganisms. These tiny critters work to keep plants healthy.

What we use 

We are now using Hendrikus fertilizer products. Hendrikus is a local company that specializes in high-performance organic fertilizers and soil conditioners. Like us, Hendrikus believes that it all starts with the soil. We are pleased to support a local supplier that produces high-quality products focused on building soil health.

Along with Hendrikus fertilizers, we also brew our own compost tea. Watch this video to find out more about our compost tea. And we use mulch, minerals, micronutrients and similar products as well.

Results: healthy soil, healthy landscapes  

All of these products encourage the soil food web to be healthy and full of life. The soil food web is the community of organisms, from bacteria and fungi to earthworms and insects, living all or part of their lives in the soil. All plants—grass, trees, shrubs, agricultural crops—depend on the food web for their nutrition. Read more about the soil food web in this recent blog post.

The results, according to our service clients, are positive: Plants grow green, lush and healthy. Lawns grow more densely, resisting weeds. People tell us they see more flowers. And because we are using organic products rather than chemicals, there are more birds, bees and butterflies.

Over our 25 years in business, experience has shown us that building soil health is the best approach to managing landscapes. Healthy soil leads to attractive landscapes that require less care and naturally resist pests and diseases. If problems with pests or diseases occur, we choose the least-toxic approach so we won’t harm soil organisms.

If you are interested in our lawn care and/or tree and shrub care services, contact us for a free service estimate.

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