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Plant in fall to give your plants time to develop deep roots for better growth next year.

Fall is great time to choose new trees, shrubs and perennials and put them in the ground. There are several reasons to plant in fall instead of spring.

Many people plant in late spring and summer. However, plants that go into the ground then may not look as good during the summer growing season. Heat stress can wilt them and sometimes even kill them. If plants are stressed during the growing season, they are also more likely to be stressed by the winter cold.

Cooler fall temperatures mean less stress for your plants. Without hot sun to scorch the plants and hot temperatures to dry them out, plants will experience less transplant shock. They will suffer less in the transition from nursery pots to your garden bed.

There is less need to water in the fall. Now that the rainy season has started, the new plants may receive enough water from the sky. You may not need to drag out the hose and sprinkler beyond the first few days after planting.

Many nurseries are having end-of-season sales. Plants are less expensive, and they can rest in their pots for a few weeks before you plant them.

You can save money by buying a smaller plant. After you plant it, it will have months before the growing season to develop strong, deep roots. Next year it will grow faster and bloom more than one planted in the spring.

After the leaves fall, you can easily see where there are empty spaces in your garden that need to be filled.

Just think of how nice your garden will look next year when your new plants flourish. Does all of this inspire you to head off to your local nursery to see what’s on sale?

Here are some tips for fall planting from Sunset.





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