Your plants need water to survive hot summer weather. Check out our watering resources. In Harmony Sustainable Landscapes.

Your plants need water to survive hot summer weather. Check out our watering resources. Frankieleon photo.

Hot weather is predicted over the next week. Don’t forget to water!

Over the past few summers we have seen an increasing amount of drought stress in our clients’ landscapes. We are sad to see plants suffer from lack of water.

As our summers get hotter and drier, even plants that didn’t need watering in the past will need some supplemental water. This includes mature trees and shrubs. It may take some years before the full impact of drought stress shows on larger plants such as trees and shrubs.

If you don’t water in summer, you will eventually lose some of your cherished plants. You may want to save money by not watering. But if you lose the plants you invested money in, what have you gained?

Plants can’t thrive or even survive without water. If lack of water doesn’t kill them, drought stress will make them vulnerable to insects and diseases.

You may want to let your lawn go dormant in summer. Even if you don’t keep it green, it still needs occasional watering. If you let it go brown without any water at all, it will get thin and unhealthy. Weeds and moss are likely to take over thin spots.

Because we are concerned about watering, we have written a number of blog posts this year about the subject. We also have a number of videos about watering in our YouTube playlist. See watering resources below.

Weather statistics: hotter and drier

Your trees, shrubs, lawn and other plants are already parched from the hot and dry weather this spring. According to the Seattle Times, May 2018 was the warmest ever in Seattle. The median temperature was 61.1 degrees, and May 14 reached 88 degrees!

May also tied for the driest on record with just 0.12 inches of rain. The average is 1.94 inches. Seattle rainfall in June was only 0.63 inches, measured at SeaTac Airport, according to Seattle Weather Blog. The average is 1.57 inches. North Seattle got about average rainfall.

Watering resources: blog posts

Check out these posts for information about how and why to water.

Watering resources: YouTube playlist

Our YouTube playlist on Watering Your Lawn and Garden has several videos on the basics of watering, watering systems, watering new plants and trees, and more.

Watering resources: other






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