Watering properly leads to healthier plants--In Harmony Sustainable Landscapes

Watering the right way leads to healthier plants-and saves you time and money.

It’s hard to believe after the wet winter we’ve had, but the weather is getting warmer and drier. Time to think about watering your lawn and garden.

Our YouTube channel contains several videos with tips about how to water your lawn and garden. These tips will help you maintain a healthy landscape, while saving you time and money.

Here is a link to the entire playlist on watering tips.

Here are links to some of our most popular videos on watering.

Watering 101. How to water for healthy plants. If you water deeply and less often, your plants will grow deeper roots. This helps them thrive even when the weather is hot and dry.

Choosing and using mulch. Mulch retains water, reducing drought stress. It also reduces weeds and feeds the soil.

How to water a new tree. Get your newly planted trees off to a good start. Water them slowly and often for their first few seasons.

How much water? Using rain gauges, sensors and tuna cans will help you know if you are over- or under watering your lawn and garden.

Watering systems. Find out about wands, hoses and sprinklers that can make your watering easier and more efficient.

Natural Lawn Care: Smart watering. Find out the best way to water your lawn to keep it healthy.

Find these videos and other videos with watering tips on our YouTube watering playlist.

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