Lime helps your lawn grow green and lush. In Harmony Sustainable Landscapes

Lime helps your lawn grow green and lush.

As our long-time clients know, our approach has always focused on building the health of the soil. If your lawn has weeds or is thin and patchy, improving soil health will help the lawn grow more thickly and crowd out weeds. It will also boost the lawn’s color.

This time of year we are applying lime to our clients’ lawns as part of our lawn care service. Lime works by changing the pH of the soil.

Soils are classified as acid, alkaline or neutral. A pH below 7 is acid, above 7 is alkaline and 7.0 is neutral. In a rainy climate like the Pacific Northwest, most soils are acidic (low pH). In drier climates the natural pH is alkaline.

Adding lime will raise the soil’s pH. This helps your lawn and other plants absorb nutrients and grow better. Lime also adds calcium and magnesium, which are important nutrients.

If you are not a current lawn care client and would like us to apply lime to your lawn, contact us.

You check the pH of your soil with a free soil test from the King Conservation District.

If you would like to apply lime yourself, this video tells you how to determine the amount of lime you need, how to properly apply it and the benefits for your lawn and landscape. It features In Harmony co-owner Ladd Smith.

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